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Safety Information For Baseboard Heating

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Baseboard heating is a fantastic way to heat up a room or two when you want your main household heater to stay off. It's also a good solution for heating rooms in older homes. While baseboard heating is simple to install and use, there are some safety issues you need to know about.

Leave Space Between Furniture and Heaters

Many baseboard heaters are short, but some can take up a good portion of the base of the wall. Placing furniture in front of the heaters is possible, but you have to leave several inches between the two so that air can circulate well and so that the fabric of the furniture doesn't catch fire. The heater can become quite warm, and you don't want to risk fabric falling onto the heater. Also keep in mind, when you have the heaters installed, that you need to find out how high above carpet the heaters need to be.

Raise Curtains

Along with leaving space between furniture and the heaters is the need to keep curtains well above the heaters for the same reason. You don't want draped cloth covering up the heaters because, again, there's a fire risk and the cloth could block the flow of air out of the heater. If you're placing a heater under a window that stretches to near the floor, you may want to use blinds that stop above the windowsill.

Don't Forget Maintenance

Keep the heaters clean and remember to have maintenance work done on them. There actually isn't much that you have to do; electric baseboard heaters don't really need anything, water-based heaters might need to have the lines bled every now and then, and gas heaters should periodically be checked for leaks. All three should have occasional inspections.

Be Careful With Paint

If you want to paint the heaters to match the wall, so that they'll blend in better, double-check with the manufacturer about the type of paint to use. You don't want something that ends up peeling off because of all the heat. You also don't want the paint giving off additional fumes if it heats up too much.

When you choose your fuel type for the heater, ask the sellers about specific care and safety information for that model. Baseboard heating is a low-key, easy-to-use heat source, so you should be able to get a short list of things to do to care for the system. To learn more, contact a company like Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co.