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Several Improtant Electrical Repair Questions for Homeowners

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There are few systems that are more important to your home than the electrical wiring. Unfortunately, homeowners are often uninformed about what they can be doing to address problems with this part of the house.

What Is Causing Light Bulbs to Suddenly Need Replacing More Frequently?

If you live in your home for many years, you may one day notice that your light bulbs have started to burn out much more quickly than they did in the past. In addition to be an annoyance and an expense, it can also be indicative of an issue with the wiring that supplies power to the light. If the wiring becomes loose, frayed, or otherwise compromised, it can send surges of electricity that may cause the light bulb to fail. Due to the potential hazards that this problem may pose, you should always treat it as a serious situation. If possible, you should turn off the breaker to the compromised light until it is repaired to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Is It Possible to Protect a Home Against Lightning-Caused Power Surges?

Lightning can be a very common source of electrical damage to a home. This is due to its ability to travel throughout the wiring in the house, damaging any electronics that are connected to outlets. Fortunately, you may be able to minimize this source of damage through the use of a lightning rod that will help to direct any lightning safely into the ground. However, it can be possible for lightning rods to fail, which means that you should also place surge protectors at each electrical outlet. This will intercept any surges before they are able to damage the devices that are connected to them.

Are There Potential Problems With Performing Electrical Repairs Without Hiring a Professional?

In addition to being potentially hazardous to your health, you should be aware of the fact that there can be some serious consequences that can come from unlicensed electrical work. For example, it can be possible for your homeowners insurance policy to reject future claims as a result of this type of repair. Also, it can be possible for the building to fail code inspections if you were to ever try and sell it. These consequences may seem harsh, but improperly completed electrical work can drastically increase the odds of fires or dangerous electrical shocks occurring. For these reasons, you will want to always leave any electrical repairs that your home needs to a licensed professional.

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