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Three Signs That An Uninterruptible Power Supply Is Right For You

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Whether you have a business that relies on keeping servers in operation at all times or whether you offer services that require electricity, forcing you to close your store for the day if there's a power outage, backup energy supplies are a crucial component of keeping your customers happy and protecting your livelihood. Your backup energy source could consist of a generator, a solar array with a reservoir, or an uninterruptible power supply (UPC), or even a combination of two or more. Here are three reasons that a UPC may be best in your specific situation.

1. You don't like loud noises

A backup generator can be a fairly reliable source of power, which is why it's such a common solution, but it can also be extremely noisy. Whether you simply hate loud noises and can't work well with a generator running nearby or whether the sound or the vibrations would cause other problems with your business (for example, if you have high-strung animals such as horses that don't handle loud noises well), a quieter solution such as a UPC might be your best bet.

2. You don't have long power outages (or you have plenty of money to invest)

While a UPC can offer a high-tech, unassuming solution to power interruptions, it can also have a high price tag. This high price tends to climb higher if you want a high-capacity UPC that will cover longer power outages or power larger numbers of devices and appliances. So unless you have a lot of money to invest in this solution, it works best for keeping a few essentials going during a short break in power supply.

3. You can't afford downtime

Downtime is especially costly if your business has to do with servers or storage that can't be up and running or accessible to customers when the power is out. If you choose the backup generator solution, you'll have a few seconds of downtime every time there's a power interruption. Although this is much better than having the power out for minutes or hours, you can make the transition much smoother if you have a UPC in place, whether you use it as the main source of power during the service interruption or whether you use it simply to provide power during the few seconds that the generator takes to start up.

These three signs will help you determine if you need an uninterruptible power supply for use at your business to improve your service and prevent delays. For more information, talk to a professional like Williams Electric Supply.