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Own a Business? 4 Signs You Could Be Facing an Electrical Emergency

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If you own a business, you rely on your electrical service. One power outage or electrical problem could shut you down until the issue is resolved. Unfortunately, electrical problems don't always present themselves in ways that are easy to identify. However, if you're observant, you can pick up on the tell-tale signs of impending electrical issues. Below are four signs you should watch for. These signs will let you know if you're in need of immediate assistance from a commercial electrician.

Your New Equipment Is Shorting Out

If your business is housed in an aging building, your electrical wiring may not be adequate to handle the power needed for modern equipment. If you've installed new equipment, and it seems to be shorting out more often than it should, or the circuit breaker is shutting off each time you power your equipment up, it's time to bring in an electrician. You may need to have your office wiring updated.

Your Lights Flicker

If you've noticed that your office lights flicker each time you use your equipment, or whenever turn another light on in that area, your wiring may be overloaded or damaged. Under normal conditions, your wiring should be able to accommodate all the lights in your office. However, if the lights dim or flicker, there's a problem with the wiring.

Your Power Outlets Are Scorched

If your power outlets are scorched, or melted, you've got an overheating problem inside the outlets. The wiring could be frayed or loose, especially if they're the original outlets. As soon as you notice scorching or melting on your outlets, you should unplug the equipment and contact your electrician. For maximum safety, place child-proof covers on each damaged outlet and do not use the outlets until they can be repaired or replaced.

Your Walls Feel Warm

If you're feeling heat radiating from your walls, even on cool days, the wiring inside your walls may be overheating. Place your hand on each of your office walls – especially on areas around outlets and light switches. If you feel heat radiating through the walls, you may be facing an electrical emergency. You'll need to notify your commercial electrician as soon as possible.

Don't take chances with your office electrical system. If you recognize any of the electrical issues described above, contact an electrical contractor like Theco near you. While you're having your electrical system repaired, be sure to talk to your electrician about ways you can protect your wiring.