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Recently Buy A Fixer Upper? 3 Outlet Upgrades To Include In Your Updates

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Since you were a kid, you've always loved a challenge. You've also always had a soft spot for those older homes that have character. Now, you are literally surrounded by the biggest project of your life, and you can't wait to dig into the first of many do-it-yourself projects. Before you get started, it is important to make sure that you have a safe place to start plugging in your tools, and your electrician is about to be your best partner in getting your home's electrical system and outlets in working order so the rest of your plans can go smoothly.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

This type of outlet is best known for its reset button, and you have likely encountered these in bathrooms and kitchens without even thinking about why they were different. This type of outlet is designed to shut the flow of electricity off anytime water or moisture is sensed or when the power flowing through them becomes imbalanced. They basically protect anyone in your home from being electrocuted if water comes in contact with the outlet in high risk areas of the house. Talk to your electrician about local codes that may make these a requirement in certain areas, but they are generally just a good upgrade for safety's sake.

Childproof Outlets

Older homes are usually outfitted with older two-prong outlet models that were efficient but really didn't take safety into consideration. Childproof outlets have three prongs, and they require an equal amount of pressure to hit all three before they allow the flow of electricity to occur. This provides a protective effect if a child should attempt to stick an object into one of the holes. These outlets are a must-have in any area of your home that is designed for children, and they are well worth including on any outlets that are low on your walls.

USB Outlets

While the other two outlets make your home safer, this one is pure convenience. USB outlets place ports on the same surface area as your electrical socket while still giving you enough space to use two appliances at once. Having these professionally installed is important so that you avoid overloading circuits, yet the effort is worth it when you can simultaneously charge your devices while puttering around the house with your tools.

Your home may be full of charm, but there is nothing charming about outdated electrical systems that pose a risk for sending your fixer upper dreams up in smoke. Update your outlets before you start the rest of your work, and you can rest easy that electricity will never put a hitch in your plans. For more information, talk to a professional like DCS Electric.