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Innovative Tips For Neat Electrical And Communication Cabling

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One of the major differences between a professional electrician and a DIY guy is that the latter is more likely to leave untidy cables after an installation. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use to hide your electrical or communication cables so that they don't create such an eyesore. Here are some of the tips:

Clip Your Cables in Place

Having cables hanging all over the place is both dangerous and unsightly. Something can easily tag on the cables and bring your electronics crushing down or they can trip you. Fortunately, this is something you can easily solve by clipping the cables in place. You can use cord clips to fasten the cables to the desk or wall; you can even use binder clips to hold bundles of wires together and keep them neat.

Attach Flat Wires to Your Walls

Electrical wires tend to be round, which makes them very visible. However, there are electrical cables that are both flexible and flat that you can attach to your walls and reduce your cabling visibility. You can even go a step further and paint over the flat cables with the same color as your wall, which means few people but you will notice the cables.

Use Paintable Cord Covers

Buying a flat wire makes sense if you are just setting up your electrical or communication network. However, if you already have the conventional (round) cables in place, you don't have to replace them with their flat counterparts. Rather, buy paintable cord covers, use them to cover up the cables, and then paint them with your room's color so that they are cleverly disguised.

Put Some Art on It

You may not be able to hide all the cords in your rooms, but you can at least make sure that the visible ones are attractive. You just have to unleash your artistic side to make your visible cords aesthetically appealing. For example, you can use colored braided cords, jute ropes, or even use the cables themselves to create works of art on your walls; in short, your imagination will be your limit.

Always remember to attempt DIY cabling or installations of which you are actually capable. Trying things beyond your capability will lead to frustrations and may even endanger your devices. As explained in the introduction, a huge advantage of hiring a professional, like McDonald Electric, is that you will end up with neat and tidy installations.