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What Mistakes Could Hurt The Audio And Video Aspects Of Your Home Theater System?

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A home theater system that has been properly installed can provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family. However, if every component of the system is not correctly installed, problems can ensue. If you are installing your home theater system, here are a few installation missteps that could impact the audio and video quality.  

Failing to Adjust the Picture 

Regardless of how much you paid for your television, if it is not properly balanced, the picture quality could be poor. The presets can sometimes project an image that is too bright or feature colors that are imbalanced. For instance, the picture can sometimes appear to be too red or green.  

You have a couple of options to help you adjust the picture. You can use a setup disc that will guide you through the process. If your television did not come with the disc, you can purchase one at an electronics store.  

You also have the option of hiring a professional technician. The technician can calibrate the television and ensure the picture is projecting a more realistic option than its presets offer. You will have to pay for the service, but you will be guaranteed a clearer picture than you probably could achieve doing it yourself.  

Installing the Speakers in an Entertainment Cabinet 

Although your entertainment cabinet has slots for speakers, you should never place your speakers in the spaces. Whether or not you realize it, the speakers are sold in their own cabinets. Placing them in another cabinet only serves to dampen the sound quality.  

Some speakers have low frequency sounds. The sounds need to travel long wavelengths for the full effect of the sounds to be heard by the listener. If you place the speakers in the cabinet, the sound does not travel as intended and you have essentially wasted your money on them.  

If you want to hide the speakers from view, there are options for doing so that will not have a negative impact on the sound quality. For instance, you could opt for an in-wall installation. Due to the complexity of the installation, consider hiring an installer to avoid damaging your wall and the system.  

To get the best sound and video from your home theater system, work with a professional technician. He or she can not only help with steps, such as calibrating the television, but the technician can ensure your system is installed so that it does not void your warranty. For more information, check out sites like TechOutMyPad.com.