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Creating The Perfect Studio Space: Electrical Services That May Be Useful To You

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As an artist, you are always looking for ways to get more light (and more functions) into your work space. Try as you might, it is not always possible to get natural light to do your bidding. That said, you have to rely on light provided via electricity. There are few other services that could make your studio a perfect work space too. Here are some electrical services that may be of assistance to you as an artist.

Adding Extra Outlets

To add more light, you might need more outlets. With all the tools you use to create your art, it is nearly impossible to have both more light and more places to plug in your tools of trade. An electrician can come in, examine your studio space, and figure out where to add more outlets so that you can plug in more lights and have outlets to spare. With any luck, the electrician can wire your studio to have four outlets on every wall, up high and down low, for a total of eight outlets on each wall.

Utilizing Natural Light and UV Light Bulbs

There are shop lights that typically take incandescent tube lighting. However, UV light bulb companies have developed tube lights to fit shop lights so you can get more natural light into your work space. They also make recessed lighting UV bulbs. After an electrician installs shop lights and/or recessed lighting for you, you can purchase these natural or UV light bulbs and tubes for whichever kind of lighting you had installed. Not only do these types of lighting provide more natural and realistic tones in your subjects and subject matter, but they also prevent depression, a major cause in the loss of productivity as an artist.

Drying Fans

Most artists opt for drying fans they can just plug in, but you could ask an electrician to hard-wire a drying fan directly into your studio ceiling or a corner of the room. That way, all you have to do is turn on the drying fan with the flick of a switch. Additionally, hard-wiring a drying fan into your studio leaves more outlets open for other things you need to plug in.

Installing a Kiln

If you work with pottery, metals, ceramics, glass or plastics as an artist, you need a kiln. An electrician can install your kiln so that it is perfectly safe to use. He or she will make sure the kiln is functioning within its expected parameters, too, so that there are not any unexpected accidents when you attempt to use the kiln for the first time.