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3 Modern Trends In Commercial Lighting

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When it comes to a commercial space, the lighting can really impact the overall feel of the space. The right lighting can really impact how customers and clients feel and can really help to define your space.

Commercial lighting can also be expensive, so you want to make sure you manage the lighting correctly. There are a few trends that have emerged in the commercial lighting space in recent years that you should consider incorporating into your commercial building.

Modern Trend #1: Go Green

The first trend that you should embrace is the trend to go green. Going green offers multiple benefits. Going green, and reducing your energy costs, will save you money. Going green will also allow you to market and advertise to consumers that your commercial space is taking steps to be more eco-friendly, which is a trend that has not decreased in popularity in recent years.

Additionally, if you make enough modifications to your space, you can even apply to become a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certified building. The first step is to switch over to more energy-efficient lighting configurations, such as LED lighting configurations.

Modern Trend #2: Get Stylish

The second trend you need to embrace is stylish lighting. There is no need for the ugly big lights to run across your building in order to provide light. Those light bulbs take a lot of energy, and they don't look good either.

Change up your space by adding more stylish and beautiful overhead and ambient lighting to your space. You can add recessed lighting and stylish overhead lights to your space. Layer the lighting in your space in a stylish manner. The lights in your space should not be an ugly distraction but should rather enhance your space.

Modern Trend #3: Focus on Safety

Finally, lights should be an important part of the safety procedures that surround your commercial building You should have motion-sensor lights around the exterior of your building so that there are no dark spots or areas for people to lurk.

You should have solar-powered lights set to a day-night timer in your parking lot to create a bright and safe space. You may also want to have safety lights inside of your building as well so that it is never a problem getting around your business.

Bring in a professional electrician to discuss a plan to upgrade to more eco-friendly and stylish lights, and be sure to focus on safety as you build your new light system.

For more information, reach out to a local commercial electrician.